Bethesda Congregation 1888-1951 Evangelical Community Church Book

Compiled by Orion A. Rudolph

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 2010, 129 pages, CD.

The ‘Bethesda Church Record Book’ in the possession of the Ashley Methodist Church written in German script and needed to be transcribed into English. Transcribers Dorothea Ziegler, Allen Konrad & Chris Rieck helped in the transcribing. They transcribed, and I typed this information into the computer.

This ‘Church Record Book’ has recorded dates generally beginning in 1919 through 1926. After this date the church records become a part of the Ashley Methodist Church Missions records with their annual meetings and such. As to what might have happened to records prior to 1919 have not been found.

The ‘Bethesda Cemetery Record Book’ in the possession of Paul Nies contained some burial records, along with copies of a ‘Warranty Deed’ and a ‘Quit-Claim Deed’. It was also found that some burial records were not recorded.

Records such as McIntosh County death records and ND Public Death Records Index were searched at random to see who might be buried at this burial site. Some names were found showing the name of this burial site. However we feel there may be others buried here, but no records are available or have not been discovered.

Those that were found, a copy of the Death Certificate and/or a copy of ND Death Records Index were added to this book to enhance the records.

As a enhancement for all to enjoy, I visited the burial site and photographed the old church building built in 1894, and still stands there today (Oct. 2010), but is in very bad shape. I photographed the cemetery in general along with the few tombstones that are there.

Bethesda Congregation 1888-1951 Evangelical Community Church Book

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