Braddock N.D.: 1884 - 1984


History Book Committee, Braddock, North Dakota, 1984, 316 pages, hardcover

The community of Braddock and area in Emmons County, south central North Dakota was settled Swedish and Germans from Russia immigrants. The centennial book includes sections for: "City History;" Church & Religious;" "Schools;" "Our Men in Service;" "Farming, Our Heritage;" "Weather;" "Former Celebrations;" "Family Histories;" and "Memories."

The Index of Family Names includes: Aipperspach, Barta, Barth, Baumgartner, Becker, Bender, Benz, Besler, Bibelheimer, Bier, Bitz, Bosch, Braun, Burnstad, Busch, Dietlein, Dockter, Draeger, Eberhart, Enzl, Erhardt, Eslinger, Feyereisen, Fleischer, Glatt, Grensteiner, Grunefelder, Hager, Splonskowski, Ternes, Vetter, Wagner, Walther, Weigel, Weiser, Wolbaum, Wurm, Whrynen Zent and other names.

Blacksmith Shop in Braddock
Shepard Building (Opera House)
Central Hotel, 1899
American Indians who brought their wool, bones and hides to the Braddock railroad, resting their horses before their return to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

Braddock N.D.: 1884 - 1984

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