South of the Cannonball, A History of Sioux, The War Bonnet County

By May E. Hinton

Washburn Printing Center, Grand Forks, North Dakota, 1984, 263 pages, softcover. 

The book is a collection of historical facts, development of businesses and settlement of the people, geographical and political facts, education and religion, all of Sioux County.  The Table of Contents includes:  1) Title Page; 2) Dedication; 3) Governor and Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota; 4) Introduction; 5) Heritage From Long Ago and Far Away; 6) Chronology of Dates Pertinent to Development of Sioux County; 7) The Influence of the Missouri River Upon the Settlement of Sioux County; 8) Treaties and Events Which Preceded the Reservation Plan; 

Standing Rock Agency, Fort Yates, North Dakota.
9) Strategic Forts in This Region; 10) Fur Trading Posts in the Area; 11) Large Ranches of the Early Days; 12) Post Offices; 13) From Buffalo Trail to Tarvia; 14) The Lengthy Transition From Territorial to State and County Status; 15) About the Birth and Growth of Sioux County; 16) The Development of Business in Sioux County Dating From Pre-Merger Days; 17) Geographical and Political Facts About Sioux County; 18) Standing Rock Agency; 19) Interesting People Who By Visiting or Working Here Had an Influence on the Area; 20) Sioux County Government-History of Farm Programs; 21) A Glimpse of the Past.  Voice From World War II Days; 22) Some “Firsts” in Sioux County; 23) Oddities and Anecdotes About People and Events Pertaining to Sioux County; 24) The Seasons. Sioux County; 25) The Early White People in This Area; 26) The Indians of the Upper Missouri River Valley; 27) Individuals Meriting Special Attention; 28) A Listing of and Biographies of the Following:  Residents of the Fort Yates Area; Residents of the West End; Residents of the Selfridge Area; Residents of Solen and Cannon Ball Areas; Residents of the Shields Area; and 28) Bibliography.

Settler-Squatter’s family in Dugout.
The Family Biographies section for pages 177 to 259 includes these names of the Fort Yates Area:  Agard, Alkire, Archambault, Beede, Blackhoop, Brown, Bruce, Bruggman, Buisson, Corbett, Dunn, Fiske, Fly, Gipp, Goudreau, Haney, Harrison, Hawk, Helt, Henderson, Hokanson, Jacobson, Kislingbury, Leingang, Levi, Luger, McCrory, McLaughlin, Malloy, Martin, Menz, Molash, Mossman, Ostrum, Palmer, Primeau, Putney, Reed, Potter, Riggs, Schoenhut, Stiles, Turner,  Young, and Zahn; names of the West End Residents:  Albert, Benson, Buel, Fero, Halverson, Jacobs, Kanis, Lamby, Maher, McGregor, Olson, Perkins, Potapanko, and Richardson; names of the Selfridge Area Residents:  Aberle, Alexander, Anderson, Ankner, Arndt, Bachmeier, Bailey, Bartole, Bayer, Becker, Bendickson, Bertsch, Bigger, Birrenkott, Black, Blotske, Boehm, Bonogofsky, Braun, Briski, Brockoff, Bruning, Caddell, Cain, Celley, Cerney, Collis, Craig, Dillenberg, Demereau, Demery, Dillman, Dirk, Dressler, Dutton, Ellingson, Elter, Endres, Engel, Erbe, Ermon,  Ewers, Fay, Feist, Fly, Frank, Froelich, Gayton, Gaumnitz, Geer, Geigle, Glines,  Gwyther, Hallam, Haman, Hanson, Hedrick, Heiser, Hepper, Herfindahl, Hettick, Hillberg, Hinton, Homer, Howe, Hummel, Jochim, Johner, Johnson, Kahl, Kiemele, Koths, Klein, Klinger, Knapp, Knispel, Kraft, Krois, Kronberger, Krosch, Langbein, Laintz, Leingang, Lewis, Lorentzon, Lund, Lyons, Magilke, Manolovitz , Marsh, McCay, Mclaughlin, , Meisel, Merchant, Merck, Meyers, Mills Molash, Morgen, Mosset, Montgomery, Nagel, Neitzel, Ordway, Oster, Ostrum, Pamplin, Parson, Paul, Petchell, Peterson, Plush, Prewitt, Pulling, Quinn, Rausch, Redman, Reichert, Reiker, Ripplinger, Ross, Rott, Sager, Sandland, Sahaefauer, Schaeffer, Schreiner, Schwartz, Silbernagel, Slater, Smelland, Smestad, Smith, Snyder, Sprague, Stewart, Stumper, Swanson, Swenson, Swift, Teeter, Thulin, Tuntland, Turner, Umber, Upham, Volk, Vollmuth, Walker, Walter, Wead, Weigel, Weilenman, Weisman, Whipple, Williamson, Wilson, Wingerter, Wotrang, Wuitschick, and Youmans; names of the Cannon Ball and Solen Area residents are: Barth, Beede, Bement, Braxmeyer, Bruning, Buck, Clark, Damskey, Ehreth, Fast Horse, Froelich, Greiger, Geiss, Gerhardt, Glasser, Goldstein, Gullickson, Haider, Harms, Hatzenbuhler, Helt, Heintz, Henderson, Heyer, Hinckley, Higgins, Hinman, Hoffman, Horning, Kahl, Kalberer, Kern, LaDuke, Lewis, McDonald, Manolovitz, Mathern, Otis, Parkin, Peterson, Picotte, Rambow, Red Bow, Red Dog, Rhone, Rice, Sauer, Seidl, Shelltrack, Schwengler, Staudinger, Stockert, Tibbets, Tschider, Two Bears, Underhill, Usselmann, Van Solen, Wayman, Wheeler, Wetch, White Eagle, Wicks, Wilcox, Wiley, Winter, Woodaoll, Wright, Young, and Zeelenka and names of the Shields Residents are:  Belden, Brown, Dilley, Evans, Fleming, Fletcher, Foster, Goudreau, Hallahan, Iron Boulder, Lange, Lannegan, Loeke, McCoy, McLaughlin, Murphy, Parkin, Port, Rodenbaugh, Shields, Stark, Twiggs, Schoenhut, Uphams, VanSickles, Vetter, and Zahn.

South of the Cannonball

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