Church Book VIII: Evangelical Lutheran Christus Gemeinde 1916-1951

Compiled by Orion A. Rudolph

German script translated by Dorothea (Bergstedt) Ziegler

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 2010, 102 pages, CD.

Church Book VIII: Evangelical Lutheran Christus Gemeinde (Christ Congregation) 1916-1951 is a translation of the original church Record book from the Christus Church. The German script was translated by Dorothea (Bergstedt) Ziegler – Dickinson, ND and typed by Orion A. Rudolph – Ashley, ND.

The Christus (Christ Congregation) Church is one of seventeen Evangelical Lutheran Congregations churches in McIntosh County, North Dakota. These rural congregations are now associated with Zion Lutheran Church, Ashley.

The Christus Gemeinde (Christ Congregation) church book contains baptismal registers, meeting minutes, communion registers, death registers, offerings, member registers, marriages, and burials. As a special enhancement for the book, Rudolph photographed all the tombstones at Danzig Cemetery. Rudolph also compiled all dates and had the inscriptions translated.

Orion A. Rudolph writes, “It was in the year 2001 when my interest was triggered in the old Hoffnungs Church record book. My wife and I were called one evening by a church centennial committee person and asked if we could possibly write a paragraph of the Hoffnungs (Hope) Lutheran Church, its beginning and ending for the 2003 Zion Lutheran Centennial Book. Also that my wife’s name is listed in it as being the last one baptized there before the church closed. We thought that might be a nice thing to do. Upon looking through the old book, we both knew it was next to impossible to write anything. It was at least 90% in the old German script. A problem indeed was at hand. It took us several months to find someone to write the paragraph that was requested.”

After completion of the first book, “Hoffnungs Church Book,” Dorothea said, “I enjoyed this, let’s do another book, I’ll help you.” So with this encouragement to continue, this “Christus Gemeinde Lutheran Church Book” also is now translated.

"Members at the time of the organization were D. D. Eisenbeisz, Christof Schilling, John Merkel, Jakob Groshans, John Ley, Gottlieb Ley, Gottlieb Delzer, Anton Helmer, Fred Dockter, Johannis F. Wolf, Gottlieb Wolf, John Pfeifle, John Neu, Albert Frankfurth, Gottlieb Joachim Jr., Mathies Oster, John Bentz, John J. Stroh, John Schulz, John Schwenk, Jacob Kapp, Andrew Joachim, Julius Pfeifle, Fred F. Gieser, Thomas Martz, Martin Rothfusz, Elmer Joachim, Jacob J. Groszhans, Claus P. Hoirup, Henry J. Brinkman, J. M. Hellerud and A. E. Bietz."

Church Book VIII: Evangelical Lutheran
Christus Gemeinde 1916-1951

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