Emmanuels Congregation 1909-1936 Evangelical Lutheran Church Book

Compiled by Orion A. Rudolph

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 2010, 94 pages, CD.

A challenge was presented to me during the course of other historical work regarding church histories. Upon thoughtful consideration, and also growing up in the area where this church group worshiped, I thought I would give it a try. I compiled information that I found on the Internet of the families histories, old census records 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, writings and photos from the local golden, diamond jubilee and centennial books. A copied copy of the original church record book was obtained from Ralph Fiechtner. These copies have been transcribed from the German script into English as well.

There are a few family names that I was not able to find any information. Their names are recorded in the church records as being members or associate members. They lived in this vicinity for a short time, and attended worship services at this church between the times of the ten year intervals of census recordings. That being the case, then there would not be any record of them in the census records in this immediate area. There also is no record of these families in the local jubilee books.

The Wolf Cemetery: A ‘Memorial Day’ visit in 2007 to the site was interesting. Grass was mowed for Memorial Day, the site looked nice. It was at this time that I got the camera out and took individual pictures of all the tombstone markers and the cemetery in general.

For many years this cemetery site was not maintained for the buried like a cemetery should be. In about 2002, a few local people and a few others from nearby vicinities have established a cemetery board which is conducting maintenance and operation phases. The board members hope that future generations will take pride in this site and keep up the nice work.

The large lilac bushes in various areas and a large tree have been removed. Fox and badger holes have been closed, and a general leveling of the cemetery site has already been done. A large attractive cemetery sign has recently been erected identifying the site.

To the committee, “I say a job very well done,” the cemetery looks very nice now.

The Labrensz Cemetery: I stopped at this site to photographs the individual tombstone markers and the cemetery in general on January 4, 2008. I did encounter a little snow, but still was able to photograph the five markers without any problem. A few days later I called and talked to Ervin Labrensz to ask if there were some markers along the South side where there was more snow piled up. He said as far as he knows the burials are all along the North side. He also told me that he has been mowing the grass for many years already. However he is getting up in age and does not know how much longer he will be able to do this.

Emmanuels Congregation 1909-1936
Evangelical Lutheran Church Book

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