A History of Emmons County: Compiled for the Bicentennial 1976 and A Book of Family Histories, North Dakota Centennial 1989

Woods, Ellen and Euvagh Wenzel, editors. Emmons County Historical Society, Linton, North Dakota, 278 pages, 1976, softcover.

The reprint of the 1976 hardcover edition covers the history of Emmons County, county government, early settlers, Indians, progress, farming, weather and climate, health, education, welfare, patriotism, organizations, recreation, businesses, historical villages – Williamsport, Winchester, Glencoe, exhisting cities and villages – Braddock, Dale, Dana,Hazelton, Hague, Hoe, Hull, Kintyre, Linton, Livona, Midway, Strasburg, Tell, Temvik, Westfield, Centenarians, Emmons County Hall of Fame – Lawrence Welk, Monte Montana, Thomas C. Barger, Thomas Kleppe and others.

Biographies include these German-Russian family names:  Aberle, Albrecht, Backhaus, Bader, Baumgartner, Baumstarck, Bechtle, Becker, Bender, Benz, Bitz, Bosch, Breckel, Burgad, Dockter, Dosch, Fahlsing, Feist, Fischer, Flegel, Forderer, Gefreh, Gimbel, Glas, Goetz, Grenz, Glatt, Gross, Grunfelder, Hehn, Horner, Hulm, Huber, Ibach, Jangula, Kalberer, Kaseman, Kelsch, Kertzman, Kiemele, Klein, Kopp, Kraft, Kramer, Kremer, Kuntz, Kurtz, Lacher, Lang, Leier, Maier, Marquardt, Mastel, Miller, Mock, Mosser, Ohlhauser, Orthmeyer, Preszler, Reis, Richter, Rohrich, Sautter, Sayler, Schall, Schatz, Schiermeister, Schlosser, Schmaltz, Schmidt, Schneider, Schumacher, Schwab, Schweitzer, Sehn, Serr, Senger, Silbernagel, Ternes, Tschosik, Vetsch, Vetter,Volk, Wagner, Wald, Walther, Weber, Weichel, Weisbeck, Weiser, Welk, Werlinger, Wickenheiser, Wohl, Wolbaum and others.

Euvah Wenzel prepared in 1989 the addition to the book of a listing of veterans who served in World War I, World War II, Korean Conflict and the Vietnam Conflict as well as additional family histories.

One Bull and White Bull, nephews of Sitting Bull, and Frank Fiske, professional photographer..
Lawrence Welk, Johnny Klein, and Mike Dosch.

Village of Hague.

Village of Strasburg, 1914.

A History of Emmons County

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