Fredonia Nazareth Congregation 1898-Present Church Book

Compiled by Orion A. Rudolph

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 2010, 402 pages, CD.

When Elmer and Lois Schlecht showed this book to me, and I saw the German Script on many pages, I knew there was a problem not only for me, but also future generations.

I asked them if they would permit me to have this book for a period of time so that I could scan all the pages into my computer and then transcribe all the German Script into English. They thought that was a great idea.

So it is a satisfaction for me to have the German script writings in this Fredonia Nazareth Ev. Congregational Church Book transcribed into English and in digital form with the help of Dorothea Ziegler from Dickinson, ND.

With the great help of Dorothea Ziegler doing most of the translating, and me doing the typing, between the two of us, this task was accomplished.

A little note about Dorothea Ziegler nee Bergstedt: She is the daughter of the Rev. Diedrich Bergstedt who was a pastor in the Ashley, ND area from 1922-1933.

As of this date (2010), this church is still functioning, however on a limited scale. All records are recorded in the Kulm Congregational Church record books.

For a special enhancement to this book, I visited the church cemetery named the, “Fredonia Nazareth Congregational Cemetery” and photos of all the tombstones that are placed for the deceased was taken on September 18, 2009.

By checking the burial records register in this transcribed book, one can easily see there are some names without tombstones of those deceased at this cemetery.

I trust you will be happy to see these photos and not have to trek to the cemetery and believe you will enjoy this book.

Fredonia Nazareth Congregation
1898-Present Church Book

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