Friedensthal Congregation 1910-1934 Evangelical Community Church Book

Compiled by Orion A Rudolph

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State Unversity Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 2010, 92 pages, CD.

Being I have two SB siblings, and my grand parents on my mothers’ side buried here, it was an incentive for me to keep hunting for information and records of this church and cemetery site.

Starting in March of 2009 an attempt was made to try and find any records of historical information, be it factual paper records, and/or oral sources deemed to be reliable from old persons that know something of the past regarding this Friedensthal German Congregational Parish.

The Golden, Diamond and Centennial Jubilee books from the area were being closely examined looking for clues of any sort that pertain to this church.

Searches of family descendants that may have someone buried at the cemetery were also being explored.

A physical walk through this cemetery site was done on August 21, 2009 to photograph the 13 tombstones.

At the invitation by Elmer & Lois Schlecht who live nearby the cemetery, they showed me a small record booklet concerning this church and cemetery that they have had for many years in their possession. This booklet has been passed on to them from former family ancestors who were once members of this church. For me this was a ‘Historical Treasure Find’.

I asked them to permit me to have this booklet for a short period of time so that I could scan each page that had something written on it into my computer, and transcribe the German Script into English.  Elmer & Lois Schlecht thought that was a good idea.

The German Script was not too difficult for me to transcribe being a lot of the writing was common familiar peoples names, so I did not need to have help on this booklet.

Friedensthal Congregation 1910-1934 Evangelical Community Church Book

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