Hazen on the horizon: 100 years, 1913 – 2013, Hazen, North Dakota

Hazen Centennial Book Committee, Hazen, North Dakota, 2013, 645 pages, hardcover.

The Hazen Centennial book includes these sections: Dedications, Greetings and A.D. Hazen; Our Veterans; Hazen’s History; Ghost Towns; Churches; Businesses; Organizations; School; Family Histories; and Acknowledgements.

The Family History Section is extensive including pages 268 to 596. The Family Histories Name Index includes pages 607 to 645.

Hazen Main Street in late 1930s.
Hazen in 1914.
Cutting sod brick to build their sod houses in early Mercer County. Photo courtesy of the Mercer County Historical Society.

Hazen On the Horizon: 100 years, 1913 2013
Hazen, North Dakota

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