Napoleon, ND 1884 - 2009: 125th Anniversary, Celebrating Our Heritage

Compiled by Napoleon Book Committee, Napoleon, North Dakota, 2008, 351 pages and I-V (Index of Families), hardcover

Henry II and Margaretha
(Deutscher) Becker.

Napoleon's 125th Quasquicentennial book provides a valuable resource for the community. The book includes these sections: 1) Committees; 2) Napoleon the Past 25 years; 3) Logan County; 4) Businesses Past & Present; 5) Schools & Organizations; 6) Churches &  Cemeteries; 7) Stores & Pictures of Yesteryear; 8) Family Biographies; 9) Advertising: 10) Index.

Raphael and Marianna
(Feist) Gross.

The Index of Families includes these German names: Aberle, Bauer, Baumgartner, Becker, Bitz, Braun, Burgad, Christman, Delzer, Dewald, Doerr, Doll, Draeger, Eissinger, Engelhardt, Feigum, Feist, Fettig, Fischer, Flemmer, Geinert, Glatt, Grenz, Gross, Grunefelder, Haas, Haegele, Hartze, Hauck, Hellmuth, Hilzendeger, Hoffer, Horner, Hottman, Jangula, Job, Johs, Kambeitz, Kraft, Kramer, Krebs, Kroll, Kuhn, Kuntz, Lachenmeier, Lacher, Lang, Leier, Letzring, Marquart, Meier, Mittleider, Mitzel, Moch, Mock, Moos, Moser, Mutchler, Neigum, Nickisch, Nolz, Opp, Pfeifle, Piatz, Rattei, Rau, Regner, Reis, Remmich, Reuer, Roehrich, Roth, Rudolph, Schaffer, Schauer, Scherr, Schiele, Schloss, Schlosser, Schmidt, Schnabel, Schneider, Schulz, Schumacher, Schwartzenberger, Schweitzer, Schwengler, Sperle, Steiner, Vetter, Wald, Wangler, Weigel, Wentz, Wolf, Young, and Zimmerman. The ancestors of these families immigrated  from the former Black Sea German villages of South Russia, today near Odessa, Ukraine.

The Church & Cemeteries section includes the register for these cemeteries: 1) St. Philip and St. Clare's Cemetery Registry and 2) Napoleon City Cemetery Registry.

Napoleon, ND 1884 - 2009: 125th Anniversary, Celebrating Our Heritage

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