Scattered Steeples Expanded: A Tribute to the Church in North Dakota

Edited by Father William Sherman, Father Leo Stelten, Jerome Lamb and Jerry Ruff

University of Mary Press, Bismarck, North Dakota, 2006, 304 pages, softcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to make available this impressive book cover church history of the Diocese of Fargo.

The following text is shared on the inside cover: "Once you start flipping the pages of Scattered Stepples Expanded, you'll discover that you're into an assortment of writings, all more or less having something to do with the century-old life of the Catholic Diocese of Fargo."

"Scattered Steeples Expanded, -- a few hundred pages drawn from the lives and times, the memories and meditations of some of the folk -- saints, sinners, and the vast rest of us who have never quite committed ourselves to either camp -- who have made these first generations of the Diocese of Fargo years worth remembering."

Throughout the book there are many references and historical items to the Germans from Russia communities of the Diocese of Fargo. There is an extensive index and many photographs included.

Picking up the bones, Minnewaukan 1886. Twenty years after the hunts had ended cart and the hunters' offspring were back on the field, picking up the bones, what were, for a while, a fairly profitable prairie cash crop.
Jamestown: The Pro-Cathedral and Episcopal residence of Bishop John Shanley. Built in 1883, the church was the heart of the diocese for about a year and a half, until Bishop Shanley moved himself, mitre, crosier, See and all, 100 miles eastward. The church was replaced in 1913.

Scattered Steeples Expanded: A Tribute to the Church in North Dakota

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