Streeter Centennial Supplement 2005: 100 Years Celebration

Streeter Centennial Book Committee, Streeter, North Dakota, 2007, 142 pages, softcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this centennial supplement book of Streeter, North Dakota including Bloomfield and Richville.

The book includes: 1) Streeter Centennial Parade; 2) Streeter, poem written by Sandi Dewald; 3) Centennial Happenings; 4) Streeter Public School; 5) Bloomenfield and Richville; 6) Streeter History; 7) Older Photos; 8) Family Histories [not included in the 2005 centennial hardcover book]. Family names include: Ackerman, Becker, Brunner, Buck, Deile, Dockter, Dutt, Fischer, Gearhart, Gienger, Gotthilf, Graf, Gums, Iszler, Krieger, Kubler, Lang, Lautenschlager, Liebelt, Martin, Mattheis, Mayer, Miller, Muller, Rau, Rudolph, Schnabel, Schumacher, Strehle, Stroh, Veil, Zeeb and Zimmerman. The publication is including many black and white photographs.
Fourth of July at Streeter in 1933.
William Wentz threshing crew.
Elmer Reinhrdt and Elta Wentz. Elmer owned the Red Owl Store in Streeter from 1949 to 1953, and operated the Locker Plan until 1956.
Harry Wolff's mother by the summer kitchen.

Streeter Centennial Supplement 2005: 100 Years Celebration

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