Timber Lake and Area Centennial History:  1910 – 2010

Timber Lake and Area Historical Society, Timber Lake Topic, Timber Lake, South Dakota, 2009, 668 pages, Hardcover.

This impressive centennial book for Timber Lake, South Dakota, includes many Germans from Russia families whose ancestry to the former Catholic Black Sea German villages of the Kutschrugan District, South Russia (today near Odessa, Ukraine).  Many of these families first immigrated to Emmons County, North Dakota in the Hague and Strasburg area.  Later they re-settled and homesteaded in the Timber Lake area of north central South Dakota.  There are impressive photographs throughout the book.

The Table of Contents includes the following: 1. Timber Lake at a Geological Crossroads; 2. Archaeology: Pieces of the Past; 3. The White Horse Winter Count 1789-1915; 4. The Fur Trade and Beyond; 5. The Village of White Horse 1883-2009; 6. The Legacy of Homesteading: Trial and Triumphs; 7. Timber Lake: Our Hometown for 100 Years; 8. Firesteel: A Prairie Coal Mining Town; 9. Glencross/Germans from Russia; Three Centuries; 10. Trail City and Promise: Still on the Map; 11. Special Place in Our Hearts; 12. People Profiles: Leaders, Legends and Characters; 13. Great Performances We Won’t Forget; 14. School Days: The Three R’s; 15. Weather: Wait a Minute and It’ll Change; 16. Facts and Figures: On the Record; 17. Family Histories; and Index.

The  Families section includes these names:  Aberle, Alley, Anderson, Andrzejewski, Bader, Balliet, Barlett, Beer, Bickel, Biegler, Bishop, Boehler, Bollinger, Booth, Boysen, Butler, Byington, Byrne, Campbell, Card, Carson, Carmichael, Carter, Caswell, Christie, Clark, Claymore, Collins, Crain, Crance, Crummey, Cudmore, Dahlgren, Dale, Daniel, Dikoff, Dollarhide, Dougal, Droog, Ducheneaux, Ehly, Ehrenberg, Elder, Enright, Estes, Farlee, Fischer, Fisher, Flanagan, Fleming, Flynn, Frazier, Fritz, Gamble, Garreau, Gebhart, Gibson, Gilbert, Gill, Goldade, Grage, Graham, Gross, Guffey, Gunderson, Hackett, Hagen, Hager, Hansen, Heck, Hegre, Hellesund, Herman, Hieb, Higgins, Hlavinka, Hodges, Hodgman, Hollenbeck, Holzer, Hubbard, Huber, Hulm, Humann, Hummel, Jackson, Jacobs, Jacobson, Jaeger, Jewett, Johnson, Jones, Kamps, Keller, Kellogg, Kempf, Kesling, Kierkeby, Kjellsen, Koegel, Kougl, Kraft, Kougl, Kraft, Kuhn, LaCompte, Landis, LaPlante, Laundreaux, Lawien, Lawrence, Le Compte, Lehrkamp, Leibel, Lemburg, Linderman, Lipp, Lippert, Long, Lopez, McAdams, McGuire, McMacken, Maciejewski, Mader, Maher, Malloy, Malm, Marshall, Martian, Mathews, Mayer, Mettler, Meyer, Michel, Milliken, Mound, Mowrer, Mulloy, Myers, Nash, Nelson, Nielson, O’Keefe, O’Leary, Olson, Oouthoudt, Opp, Oster, Ostrom, Parker, Paul, Pahl, Pearman, Pederson, Perry, Pesicka, Peterson, Podoll, Quinn, Reed, Rehn, Reinbold, Reinert, Reiss, Remmers, Rhoden, Richter, Robinson, Rolfes, Ross, Rousseau, Rowley, Salzer, Sandquist, Scherer, Schlosser, Schmidt, Schreiner, Schumacher, Schweitzer, Scott, Selzler, Senger, Sherman, Shorthill, Simpson, Singer, Smith, Smolik, Solberg, Speer, Springer, Stanek, Stankey, Storm, Taplin, Tehle, Thomas, Thompson, Thwing, Tiger, Torevell, Traeger, Traversie, Van Dusen, Varland, Voller, Ward, Weber, Werlinger, Wickham, Willard, Winterberg, Witte, Wooldridge, and Zabel.

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Glencross, 1920-1970.
Margaret Jaeger and Joe Leibel were married at Glencross, November 19, 1928.

Timber Lake and Area Centennial History:  1910 – 2010

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