Timber Lake and Area:  75 Years, 1910 – 1985

Timber Lake and Area Historical Society, Timber Lake, South Dakota, 1985, 329 pages, Hardcover.

The Timber Lake, South Dakota area included a large settlement of Germans from Russia with ancestry to the former Black Sea German villages of the Kutschurgan District today new Odessa, Ukraine.

The Table of Contents includes:  I. Geology; II. The First People; III. Early Indian Communities;
IV. Ranching; V. The Homesteading Era; VI. Timber Lake; VII. Dewey County; VIII. Business Histories; IX. The Depression; X. Our Veterans of Military Service; XI. Other Communities; XII. Transportation; XIII. Churches; XIV. Schools; XV. Farming and Farm Programs; XVI. Climate and  Weather; XVII. Medicine and Health; XVIII. Law and Order; XIX. Clubs and Organizations; XX. Rodeos and Celebrations; XXI. Why They Call It Home; Index for Section 1; Family Histories;
Index for Family Histories and Selected Bibliography.

The Family Histories includes these names:  Aberle, Adams, Alley, Alquist, Anderson, Austin, Backes, Bader, Baer, Barlett, Bellum, Bentley, Berfield, Bickel, Biegler, Blasingame, Boehler, Booth, Bornong, Bowder, Brockamp, Brodahl, Brown, Butler, Byington, Card, Carlson, Caswell, Chalmers, Chapel, Clausen, Clarambeau, Claymore, Condon, Coraguilo, Coull, Coyle, Crain, Crance, Cudmore, Daczewitz, Dahlgren, Dahlke, Dale, Davis, Dignan, Dikoff, Dillman, Dollarhide, Dopita, Dougal, Drees, Ducheneaux, Ehly, Ehrenberg, Elder, Ellwein, Engelson, Enger, Enright, Erickson, Ericson, Fahy, Fett, Fjeldseth, Flanagan, French, Fudge, Gage, Galbraith, Gellner, Gibson, Gill, Goldade, Grage, Green, Gunderson, Haack, Hacecky, Hagel, Hagen, Hanken, Hanson, Harvey, Hayes, Hazledine, Hegre, Hellesund, Hendricksen, Herman, Hermes, Herstein, Hieb, Hire, Hockett, Hodam, Hollenbeck, Holloway, Holt, Holzer, Horse with Horn, Huddleston, Hulm, Humann, Hunt, Hunter, Jackson, Jacobson, Jensen, Jess, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jung, Kamps, Keller, Kempf, Kern, Kesling, Klein, Kluth, Knudson, Koegel, Kougl, Kraft, Lang, LaPlante, LaPlant, Larsen, Larson, Laundreaux, Lawien, LeCompte, Leff, Lenling, Lind, Linderman, Lipp, Lippert, Long, Lutz, Maciejewski, Macy, Mader, Madsen, Maher, Majorowicz, Malloy, Marshall, Martin, McCarthy, McClellan, McGuire, McMacken, McNeely, Meyer, Meyerhoefer, Miller, Miner, Minton, Mitchell, Mogstad, Mowrer, Mozeney, Mulloy, Murdock, Murphy, Nash, O’Leary, Olson, Opp, Ostrom, Pahl, Parker, Paul, Pederson, Perry, Petersen, Peterson, Pleinis, Plummer, Podoll, Prann, Quinn, Raile, Rawstron, Reed, Reedich, Reich, Reichert, Reinbold, Reinert, Reitnauer, Rempfer, Rhoden, Rice, Richter, Rickels, Riemath, Rivers, Robley, Rochlitz, Roebuck, Ross, Rousseau, Rowley, Sanders, Sandquist, Schaeffer, Schafffner, Scherer, Schlonga, Schlosser, Schreiner, Schumacher, Schweitzer, Scott, Sevrens, Sadduck, Sherman, Silbernagel, Simpson, Singer, Slauter, Sletten, Smith, Smolik, Snow, Solberg, Speer, Springer, Stanek, Stavnes, Stoick, Storm, Strong, Stummeier, Sudmeier, Taggart, Taplin, Taylor, TePoel, Thares, Thill, Thomas, Thompson, Thwing, Tipton, Tompkins, Torevell, Traversie, Urban, Utley, Vander Mark, Vogel, Voller, Wagner, Ward, Warrior, Waters, Wendt, Wessel, Whalen, Whitman, Wiese, Wilcox, Williams, Williamson, Winterberg, Wood, and Wynn.

Dutch Hofman, right, cook for the CBC fencing crew, with helper, Bill Backles (1930s).
The Charlie Hir homestead in 1915.
Good builders and thrifty people, the German-Russian homesteads were made of indigenous materials such as sod, sandstone and rammed earth, depending on where they were located and the availability of other building materials.
German-Russian farmers threshing near Hague, ND.  Many of these farmers would later
relocate to the Timber Lake-Glencross area.

Timber Lake and Area: 75 Years, 1910 – 1985

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