Turtle Lake's 71st Anniversary and Our Nation's Bicentennial: 1905 - 1976
Turtle Lake Bicentennial Committee, Turtle Lake, North Dakota, 1976,
220 pages, Softcover.

The Foreword of the book shares the following: "The Turtle Lake Bicentennial Committee has published this book as a supplement to Turtle Lake's Fiftieth Anniversary Book published in 1955."  

This book includes the following family biographies: Affeldt, Alexander, Anderson, Arne, Bastian, Bauer, Beggs, Berget, Gergo, Bergquist, Blotter, Boe, Bomstad, Borg, Bossert, Bradford, Braun, Brevig, Britton, Broschat, Brown, Burchell, Davis, Dudgeon, Edgar, Evans, Evelhock, Fandrich, Felland, Field, Fischer, Forland, Franke, Frey, Fueller, Fylling, Geohring, Gessele, Gondringer, Goven, Grabinger, Grosz, Haas, Halvorson, Hamstead, Hanson, Heinle, Herring, Hochsprung, Hofer, Holtan, Houstman, Huston, Jennings, Johnson, Kalland, Kantrud, Kassian, Keck, Keel, Klain, Klein, Klinger, Knodel, Korner, Kounts, Kraft, Kravik, Kundert, Kvamme, Larson, Lelm, Lierboe, Linder, Lindteigen, Lockrem, Love, Lynne, Mai, Mathews, Maxwell, McCabe, Mehrer, Millerm, Moore, Nathan, Nelson, Nordwall, Okerson, Orman, Parks, Paulson, Peterson, Philbrick, Presser, Rath, Ravnaas, Reiser, Renfrow, Rittenbach, Romsaas, Ruck, Rutter, Sackmann, Schauer, Schilling, Schlafmann, Schock, Seeger, Sellon Seltvelt, Severson, Severts, Sevik, Slettum, Sondrol, Springmyer, Stadick, Stalder, Stenson, Stephenson, Stewart, Sundby, Telenga, Thronson, VanHorn, Vonderheide, Voth, Wagner, Walcher, Walcher, Waltz, Webster, Westbrook, Westrum, Wing, Wirtx, Wittrup, Wolitarsky, Zingg, Zinther, and Zwicker.

An early street scene in Turtle Lake during the horse and buddy days. Picture was taken from north main Street looking south. The two-story building at the right front is A.H. Hetzler or later the A.A. Haas store building where Today's Styles is now locted. The building left front is the former Union Store which is now the E.V. Cafe.
Hunting sport in the early days was for jackrabbits as shown in this picture. The group pictured here following their day's hunt are Fred H. Walcher, Ashep Haas, Victor Lindquist and Theodore Haas.

Turtle Lake's 71st Anniversary and Our Nation's Bicentennial: 1905 - 1976

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