The Centennial of St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Zeeland, North Dakota and the Spiritual Heritage of St. John’s Catholic Church, Rural McIntosh County North Dakota

By Father Andrew Jasinski

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 165 pages, 2005, softcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to publish this impressive book of St. Andrew's Church at Zeeland and St. John's Church, rural McIntosh County both in south central North Dakota. The Germans from Russia immigrants who settled in this area came from the Black Sea German Catholic villages of the Kutschurgan District, South Russia, today near Odessa, Ukraine.

In the Prelude, Reverend Andrew Jasinski writes: "This book is in honor of the Catholic settlers living in and around Zeeland, North Dakota, who, during the summer of 1905, built a simple church. They are now gone, but the continued presence of this church is a tribute to their desire to share their faith with their children and their children's children. This book is but a small contribution to the telling of the story of St. Andrew's Catholic Church."

"Telling the story of St. Andrew's necessarily involves telling the story of the Germans from Russia and of St. John the Baptist Church, which once stood five miles north of Zeeland, the first Catholic Church in North Dakota to serve the Germans from Russia."

"This book is the story of the courage of a people who came to the New World, bringing with them a faith deeply rooted in their history, supporting them on their journey, and which continues to be nurtured among their children. This book is but one story of the Catholic faith uprooted, replanted, and bearing fruit, in order that it be transplanted to other places and people."

Table of Contents
Messages from Former Pastors
1. Roots
  The Catholic Church
The Apostle to the Germans
Pioneers of the Steppe
Missionaries to America
2. Uprooted
  Pioneers on the Prairie
In the Spirit of St. Boniface
The Hand of God
A Missionary to the Immigrants
3. Replanted
  Catholics on the Prairie
Der Rosenkranz
Basic Prayers of the Rosary in German
The First Church
Sacramental Life Among the Settlers
Early Settlements
First Bishop and Pastor
Die Mutterkirche
More Catholic Settlers
Hier Ruht in Gott
“When Human Eyes Run Dry of Tears...”
Iron Crosses
4. Growth
  The Successors of St. Peter
Learning About God, Jesus Christ and His Church
The Coming of the Railroad
Railroad Towns
Building and Rebuilding
The Priest Leaves St. John’s
The Priest Leaves St. Andrew’s
The Catholic Church Expansion Fund
5. Fruit
  Monsignor George Aberle
Der Schulemeister
German School
St. John’s Parish Family
Sunday Church
First Holy Communion
Devotions and Traditions
Parish Organizations
Salwei Family Tragedy
Das Schicksalslied
A Catholic Family in Ashley
Florence May Woll
Our German Bishop
In Service to Our Country
St. John’s Nuns
The Schatz Sisters
Sister School
Sister Janeane Klein, O.S.B.
Monsignor Wendelyn Vetter
St. David’s Church
Sacrament of Matrimony
A Refugee Priest
Brother Antoine Marquart
6. Pruning
Shadows on the Prairie
The Second Vatican Council
Father Cyprian Meier
Sister Doretta Meier
Bicentennial Cross
The Year of the Three Popes
The Last Benedictine
7. A New Springtime
  Fr. Schill Returns
The Source of a Priestly Vocation
A Modern Church
World Youth Day
The Great Jubilee of the Year 2000
The Future
The Polish Pope
A German Pope
The New Millennium
8. St. Andrew’s Centennial
  Preparations, Schedule of Celebrations
Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at St. John’s Cemetery, Zeeland
Eucharistic Procession to St. Andrew’s Church, Zeeland
Blessing of New Cemetery Gate, St. Andrew’s Catholic Cemetery, Zeeland
Traditions and Customs of Catholic Germans from Russia
Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, St. Andrew’s Church
Community Supper, Zeeland City Hall
Pioneers on Two Frontiers
Centennial Mass of St. Andrew’s Church Bishop Samuel Aquila
Centennial Dinner: “Sunday Soup,” Zeeland City Hall
  1. Acknowledgments
2. Photograph and Document Credits
3. Bibliography
4. Additional Resources
5. Early Missionaries
6. Resident Pastors
7. Non-Resident Pastors
8. Parish Membership Lists
9. Sacramental Statistics
10. Cemetery Tombstones
11. Location of Parishes and Cemeteries in Emmons, Logan and McIntosh Counties
12. Iron Crosses from Kohler

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Review by Edna Boardman

The Centennial of St. Andrew’s Catholic Church Zeeland, North Dakota and the Spiritual Heritage of St. John’s Catholic Church Rural McIntosh County North Dakota

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