Scenes from former German villages near Odessa, Ukraine, May, 1998

13a) The former German church in Kandel.

13b) The former German church in Elsass (Kutschurgan District).

13c) Farmers working in the fields near the village of Elsass.

13d) A young boy in the Kutschurgan villages with his mother and grandmother guiding the cows home to their owners.

13e) Ukrainian women selling black seeds, fish and cherries at the Kutschurgan market located near the former German villages of Straßburg (today Kutschurgan). Many people also from nearby Moldova visit this market.


13g) Ukrainian women selling their selling their handmade brooms, cheese sand seeds in the Odessa, the largest outdoor market in Ukraine and one of the largest in the former Soviet Union.


13i) Views at the Odessa outdoor market, May, 1998.

13j) Former Catholic church in Rosental now a Russian Orthodox church with the school in the background.

13k) Overlooking the former German village of Kronental.

13l) Former Catholic Church in Kronental. The two Kronental churches are closer together.

13m) The former German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zürichtal.

13n) As we were driving from Simperofol to Odessa, we saw on the prairies this large church in the Crimea. This village has not yet been identified but this was a former Catholic church. According to a local Ukrainian who is Czech, the village included Germans and Czechs.

13o) German houses with fences in the former Bessarabian village of Arzis. (Photo by Janice Huber Stangl, June 1, 1998)

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