Germans from Russia on the Canadian Prairies: Then and Now

Produced by Elder Productions, Calgary, Alberta, copyright 2002, 71 minutes

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this valuable and important videotape documentary, Germans from Russia on the Canadian Prairies Then and Now. We extend our special compliments to Joseph and Linda Elder, producers, and to the many persons who participated in the completion of this fine program. There are wonderful segments including music, medicinal remedies (Brauche), cookery, games, religion, and other Germans from Russia folkways.

The back of the videotape box includes this text:

"This documentary includes many people. Hear unique dialect, see shoebox photos, listen to traditional songs, phrases and personal stories. Some may make you laugh, other may make you cry, as you are taken back to a time that is slowly fading away."

"Germans from Russia carried their traditions, culture, and language across two continents and an ocean. Upon the invitation from Catherine the Great, the vast Steppes of Russia came under their plough. Nearly one hundred years later, their descendants immigrated to North America, breaking sod on the Canadian Prairies. How they not only survived, but thrived, is a testament to their grit, determination, and resourcefulness."

"This videotape production is a volunteer project with profits donated to the Germans from Russia Heritage and Historical Societies."

Program narrators are Wayne Lauinger and Elsie Kromm. Dr. Peter Penner is the program historian and provides commentary. Music segments include: Brandle's Orchestra, 1967; Emil Graf; Robert Hooper; Harmonicas' Tableau; Ed Schoenberg; Richard Scholtz; Ed Weber; and the Frison Brothers, 1980.

Interviews include: Mary Martian (98); Margaret Fitterer (92); John Gartner (93); Odellia Kraft (87); Sister Philomena (87); Nick Schwartzenberger (85); Lindsay Schank and Mattie Schlinker; George German; Rosemarie Lee; Betty Lang; Phil Streifl; Rebecca Waldbauer; Joe Frehlich; Philip and Peter Meier; Ilse La Buhn; Willie Kreis; Vic Schaab; Gladys Harigan; Alf Poffenroth; Nora and Bill Janzen; Joel and Isabel Blatz; Odellia Ell; Alex Leeb and Carl Lang; Margarete Nitschke; Dana Salter; Lorraine Reppon; Elsie Kromm; Elsa Unterschultz; Leila Halter; and John Brandle.

Germans from Russia on the Canadian Prairies: Then and Now

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