A Celebration of Our Germans from Russia Heritage

Alberta Chapter, Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Calgary, Alberta, 2006, 42 minutes, CD

The text with the CD cases includes: Welcome to a taste of our heritage with this informal presentation of songs, rhymes, prayers and more. We trust that you will share this recording with future generations, so they too, can enjoy the richness of our fading cultural past."

The CD includes:

1. Introduction - George Dorscher
2. An Old Song - Cam & Adena Bauer
3. "Ebbes" - Betty Lang
4. Harmonizing - Phil & Kat Streifel
5. Rhymes - Henry & Alma Kersch
6. Prayers - Alex Leeb
7. Solo - Clara Wylie
8. Rhymes - Henry & Alma Kersch
9. Group events - Alberta GRHS members
10. Yodelling - Eugen & Ethel Skokowski
11. Solo - Christiane Grieb
12. Holiday greetings - Joe & Linda Elder
13. Closing - Alberta GRHS members

A Celebration of Our Germans from Russia Heritage

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