Germans from Russia Food Pantry

Produced by Prairie Public Television, Fargo, North Dakota, copyright 2005, DVD

Germans From Russia Food Pantry brings together three award-winning public television favorites that have been broadcast throughout North America. Enjoy Schmeckfest: Food Traditions of the Germans from Russia and Recipes from Grandma’s Kitchen, Volumes I and II in one DVD package, as well as bonus footage of chefs and complete recipes for the meals featured in Grandma’s Kitchen programs, for more than three hours of video.

From the Russian steppe to the American prairies, the resourcefulness of the Germans from Russia, particularly in the preparation of food for large families, has become a rich legacy. In German-Russian life, “food was love,” and prairie mothers who left no record of their lives are remembered daily in the recipes and rituals of food preparation. Traditional foods, savory recipes, and folk memories are important in the history and the culture of the Germans from Russia community.

Food Traditions of the Germans from Russia

From Schmeckfest: Food Traditions of the Germans from Russia… Theresa Kuntz Bachmeier—Kaseknoepfla (Cheese Buttons); Annie Roesch Larson—Kranz (Easter Bread); Sam Brungardt—Pfeffernuesse Brot (Spiced Watermelon Syrup Bread); Edna Goebel Johnson—Knoephla Suppe; Maria Wohn Applenhans—Grebbel and Schnitze Suppe; Carol Just and Judy Eman Teske—Wedding Schnapps; and the Lipp family—Wedding Kuchen. Experience the traditions of the Schmeckest in Eureka, SD, the Schachlika Supper in Richardton, ND, and Kroll’s Kitchen in Fargo, ND.
James Harr and Cora Lee Teske, Aberdeen, SD, are married at the Pioneer Chapel during the Schmeckfest at Eureka, SD, in September, 1999. Cora is wearing historic clothing of her grandmother. Traditional wedding banquet foods are displayed on a white lace table.
Jacqueline Dohn Maas, Plymouth, MN, native of Lamoure, ND, shares her canning skills including making pickled watermelon. Her ancestors settled at Ashley and Wishek, ND. Her ancestors came from the Bessarabian village of Friedenstal and Johannestal, Black Sea.

Judy Eman Teske (left), Plymouth, native of Bottineau, ND, and Carol Just Halverson, St. Louis Park, native of Lamoure, ND, toast with their home-made wedding schnapps or "red eye." Judy's ancestral German villages are Neudorf and Glückstal. Carol's ancestral villages are Kassel and Neudorf, Black Sea and Akkermann and Klöstitz, Bessarabia.

Sam Brungardt standing in his basement cellar with jars of pickled fruit, watermelon syrup, jam and vegetables.
Theresa Kuntz Bachmeier, Rugby, ND, making cheese buttons (Käse Knöpfla).
Edna Goebel Johnson, Horace, ND (left), and her sister, Martha Goebel Jenner, Phoenix, AZ, making Strudla and Knoepfla.

From Recipes from Grandma’s Kitchen: Germans from Russia Food Preparations and Traditions, Volume I… Millie Doll Hauck—Pheasant Paprikash Soup; Erica Lang Wangler—Schupfnoodla with Chicken; Helen Gefroh Fischer—Strudel with Chicken; Bernadine Lang Kuhn—Dessert Kuchen; Alma Janke Schott—Christmas Tea Ring.

Millie Doll Hauck,
Richardton, ND
Pheasant Paprikash Soup and dessert Strudel
Alma Janke Schott,
Gackle, ND
Christmas Tea Ring
Bernadine Lang Kuhn,
Owatonna, MN
Dessert Kuchen
Erica Lang Wangler,
Bismarck, ND
Schupfnoodla with Chicken
Helen Gefroh Fischer,
Hague, ND
Strudel with Chicken

From Recipes from Grandma’s Kitchen, Volume II… Viola Welk Bosch—Grumbere Maultaschen (Potato Pockets); Arlene Kruckenberg Knutson—Baska (Easter Bread); Bernadine Lang Kuhn—Baked Rice with Rasins; Vi Kruchenberg Schielke—Knoepfla mit Wurst and Kartoffel (Dumplings with Sausage and Potatoes); Alma Janke Schott—German Lebkucken; Martha Schaeffer Suppan—Halupsie (Pigs in Blankets); Paul Welder—Baking Powder Noodles; Theresa Voller Wolf—White Bread.

Viola Welk Bosch,
Linton, ND
Grumbere Maultaschen
(Potato Pockets)
Arlene Kruckenberg Knutson,
Tuttle, ND
(Easter Bread)
Alma Janke Schott,
Gackle , ND
German Lebkuchen
Bernadine Lang Kuhn,
Owatonna, MN
Baked Rice with Raisins
Vi Kruckenberg Schielke,
Beulah, ND
Knepfla mit Wurst und Kartoffel
(Dumplings with Sausage and Potatoes)
Martha Schaeffer Suppan,
Brooklyn Center, MN
(Pigs in Blankets)
Paul Welder,
Linton, ND
Baking Powder Noodles
Theresa Voller Wolf,
Strasburg , ND
White Bread

Major funding for the production was provided by Prairie Public Broadcasting, the Germans from Russia Cultural Preservation Foundation, the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU Libraries, Fargo, and the North Dakota Humanities Council.

For more information about the Germans from Russia documentaries, consult the following websites:

Prairie Public Broadcasting, Inc., Fargo, North Dakota

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota at the Media section "Video Documentary and Other Projects"

Germans from Russia Food Pantry

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