La Banda del Viejo Mundo - “The Old World Band”

La Banda del Viejo Mundo - “The Old World Band.” Música de Europa Central y del Este - Music from Eastern and Central Europe, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2006, CD

The CD includes well known Volga German folk singer and musician, Germàn Sack, of Buenos Aires, Argentina performing on the Zimbal instrument (Hackbrett) (Hammered Dulcimer). Cover photograph for the CD is courtesy of Steve Schreiber, Portland, Oregon, Village of Norka, Volga Region, Russia.

German Sack performing on YouTube.

CD back cover:

Track list:
1- Karagiosis
2- Dance, dance (Tancuj, tancuj)
3- Let the shear go on
4- You and me (Ich und du) (Volga German music)
5- Green woods (Zelený hájové)
6- Dawn
7- Merry is the life of a gypsy (Lustig ist das Zigeunerleben)
8- Around Fridku (Oloko Fridku)
9- Late-night dance
10- Acord-Ian
11- Catalinita rave (Katyusha)

Recorded at Gris Nez studios, San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Between March 2006 and March 2007

Recording, mixing and mastering technician: Gerónimo Airala

Recording and mixing assistant: Estanislao Airala

Arrangements: The Old World Band. Guest artists: Milan Kruczenski, Gerónimo Airala.

General production: Gerónimo Airala and Germán Sack.

Graphic design: Germán Sack. Photographs of the band: Marcelo Pérez and Malu.

Front cover photograph: Elisabeth Paully Miller from the Volga German village of Norka, in Russia.

Special thanks to:

-The immigrant communities that have passed their music down to us.
-All those who shared our experiences on the stage, either playing or watching.
-Graciela, who provided us with the glasses for the toast in “Green Woods”
-Héctor, for the hand clapping in “You and me”
-Santa Rita neighbourhood for the New Year fireworks used in “Merry is the life of a gypsy”
La banda del Viejo mundo ‘ “The Old World Band”

Germán Sack performing on a small Hackbrett musical instrument (Hammered Dulcimer). He performed with this instrument at American Historical Society of Germans from Russia International Convention, Center for Volga German Studies, Concordia University, Portland, Oregon, June 2012.
Germán Sack of Buenos Aires, Argentina, performing on old German Hackbrett musical instrument (Hammered Dulcimer).
Germán Sack performing with Raffele (Urzither) musical instrument (old zither) at Austrian Embassy in Buenos Aires (Österreichische Botschaft).

La Banda del Viejo Mundo - “The Old World Band”

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