German Folk Songs from the Lawrence Weigel Library: Volume I

Featuring Lawrence Weigel, Nick Klaus and the Ed & Minnie Braun Family on track 14

Volga German Society of Ellis County, Advantage Studio, Hays, Kansas, 2008, CD.

It would be no surprise to learn that Lawrence Weigel, Volga German historian and folk musician, would frequently call on friends to recall fond memories of tradition and join him in singing the songs of the Fatherland and the musical adaptations of the new found land. Fortunately for us, Lawrence Weigel would record the informal sessions. This record is one of the serveral that exists and one of many to come.

The songs in the German language on the CD are:

1. Ihr Kinder Korrnet her zu mir
2. O Du Deutschland
3. Da war einmal eine Juedin
4. Wie schoen ist das laendliche
5. Braut Lied
6. Sei Gegruesst O Jungfrau Rein
7. Maria Mein Koenigen
8. El was sind wir arme Bauern
9. Ich stand auf hohen Bergen
10. Es waren zwei Geshwiester
11. Ich liebe den Wein
12. Der Goldene Rosenkranz
13. Was Ich armes Weib muss leiden

German Folk Songs from the
Lawrence Weigel Library: Volume I

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