A Light in the Darkness: A Story That Took a Half Century to be Told: The Volga Germans

Vision Video, Worchester, Pennsylvania, 1996, DVD, 52 minutes.

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The History of the Volga Germans

Here is a moving historical documentary which highlights the spirit and faith of the Volga German people. These German nationals immigrated to the Volga region of Russia during the time of Catherine the Great in pursuit of a dream...the promise of freedom and local self-government in their newly adopted homeland. In time, these dreams would vanish, and the promises would prove false.

Joseph Stalin believed that the German Russians, despite their historical support of the Soviet Union, would not remain loyal to his regime in the war against Germany. In 1941 they were banished from their homes and exiled to forced labor camps by the Soviet premier. Thousands died of starvation and exposure to the frigid elements; others were put to death by Soviet authorities.

A Light in the Darkness weaves the eyewitness reports of survivors into a tapestry of heart-wrenching tragedy. There are stories of families who were torn apart, with loved ones being sent to different camps. The account of their perseverance through this horrendous ordeal will encourage and inspire all who learn about their heroic struggles.

Today, some of these brave people have returned to the Volga Valley. Others have decided to relocate to Germany in hopes of finding the Fatherland they had never known. The struggle of the Volga Germans has not ended. An unshakable faith continues to be an anchor in their lives...their faith remains A Light in the Darkness.

A Light in the Darkness

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