Through the Red Gate

Produced and directed by Moyra Rodger, written by Dale Drewery, Executive Producers Ruth Derksen Siemens and Moyra Rodger

Out To See Entertainment Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, 2008, DVD Documentary

The book related to this documentary is Rememeber Us by Ruth Derksen Siemens

Peter Bargen was just seven-years-old when he and his family narrowly escaped the Russian Gulag and almost certain death. Those relatives who remained in the USSR were not so fortunate. During Joseph Stalin's reign (1929 to 1953), between 45 and 60-million people, among them thousands of Mennonites, perished through enforced exile, execution, famine and disease.

Now, in a story that crosses continents and binds together generations, the discovery of a cache of rare and long-forgotten letters reveals the terrifying details of the Bargen family's fate.

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Zuercher, Melanie. "'Postcards from Hell': Letters Tell Forgotten Stories of Stalin’s Gulag." Mennonite Weekly Review, 2 November 2 2009, 1 and 7.

Through the Red Gate

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