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Specialized in researching family histories of the German colonists formerly living in the Black Sea colonies of Glückstal, Bergdorf, Kassel and Neudorf with daughter colonies (South Russia), today located in Moldova and Ukraine.

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Guests at the Wedding of Karl and Katharina Meidinger Just
Guests gather for the wedding of Karl and Katharina (Meidinger) Just, June 7, 1907, at their family farm located two miles southeast of St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, northeast of Zeeland, McIntosh County, North Dakota.
Salomea Job Dockter
Salomea Job Dockter (born in 1849 in Neudorf, Glückstal Enclave, South Russia) surrounded by almost 40 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, many of whom she attended as midwife at their birth. Photo taken in early 1920s in Emmons County, North Dakota. Salomea Job Dockter arrived in Dakota Territory in 1889 with seven children. An eighth child was born in a header box in September, 1889 as their home was not yet built. She was a trained midwife and practicing braucher all her years in Emmons County. She died in April, 1935 in Emmons County, North Dakota.
John and Eva Manhalter Hoffmann
John and Eva emigrated from Bergdorf in 1889 to Fairfax, South Dakota. Eva died in 1929 and John died in 1943. Photo taken about the time of World War I.
Phillip and Christine Balliet Aman
Phillip was born in Freeman, South Dakota in 1885, to parents who emigrated from Bergdorf in 1884. Parents Heinrich and Rosina came directly from Bergdorf through Freeman to Eureka, South Dakota. They were married on December 27, 1905, in Eureka, South Dakota.
Gottlieb and Mary Lehr Aman
They were married at Lehr, North Dakota, lived all their lives there, and are buried in the Lehr Cemetery. Gottlieb was born in Eureka, Dakota Territory in February, 1889 (statehood was in November, 1889) to Fred and Eva (Hoffmann) Aman. Mary was born in 1891 in North Dakota to Andrew and Christina Mayer Lehr. Mary is a member of the extended Lehr family who donated the land for the city plat of Lehr.
John and Christine Aman Weber Family
Back row (l to r): John Weber, Jr., Ida Weber Brown and Emma Weber Baltzer; front row (l to r): Arthur Weber, John Weber Sr., Christine Aman Weber and Helen Weber Burrack. Christine Weber was born in Bergdorf, coming with her parents, the Fred Aman family, in 1885 to Eureka. John Weber was a Reichsdeutschen serving in the South Dakota Legislature from 1917 to 1923. John and Christine Weber were married at Eureka in 1894 later settling in McIntosh County, North Dakota in 1895. Photo likely taken between 1916 to 1918.

Photographs courtesy of Carol Just Halverson and Margaret Zimmerman Freeman, members of the Glückstal Colonies Research Association.

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