Photographs from the "Germans from Russia" Class

North Dakota State University, Fargo May, 2002

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"Halupsy" (Cabbage Rolls or Pigs in the Blanket) were prepared by Verda Tschritter. The family recipe is by way of Wilhelmstal, South Russia. "Baska" (a traditional Easter bread). Note the antique Russian-style samovar in the background. Students are encouraged to bring artifacts to class that relate to the history and culture of the Germans from Russia.
"Halvah" (an unusual crushed sesame seed confection made with honey and sugar). Note the chocolate ladybug candies (from Germany) at the right. A plate of blueberry "Kuchen" is cut and ready for sampling. "Kuchen" takes both traditional and modern forms: cheese, onion, apple, peach, apricot, cherry , rhubarb, kiwi!, etc.
"Kuchen" (custard cake) remains a favorite dessert among many modern-day German Russians.
Besides "Kuchen," other desserts include homemade apple strudel and "Springerle" (rolled cookies made with baking ammonia). A big kettle of "Knepfla Supp" (dumpling soup) can be seen at right. A garden salad and "Maslinna" (olives in brine) also are shown.
Students in the "Germans from Russia" class take a few minutes to enjoy the fruits of their labors. The rest of the fifteen-week semester is devoted to weekly lectures, class discussions, readings, and periodic written examination.

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Photography by Michael M. Miller and Dr. Timothy J. Kloberdanz.

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