Jamestown Cultural Festival: A Celebration of German & Russian German Folk and Ethnic Traditions Found in North Dakota

McElroy Park
Jamestown, North Dakota
August 12, 2006

Sponsored by Unison Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, First Community Credit Union, Tesoro, US Bank, Buffalo City Tourism, North Dakota State Tourism, KSJB Radio, Gladston Hotel, and The Arts Center

For additional information about The Arts Center, Jamestown, ND, go to www.jamestownartcenter.org; tel: 701-251-2496; e-mail: artscenter@csicable.net

Photographs by Micheal M. Miller, Fargo, North Dakota

Dr. Ann Braaten, curator of the Emily P. Reynolds Historic Costume Collection, North Dakota State University, Fargo, speaks about German-Russian clothing.
Emms Tressler, Jamestown, ND, decorating the German cookie, Lebkuchenherzen, gingerbread hearts.
Joyce and Herman Kraft, Timber Lake, SD, preparing the fire for the iron cross demonstration.
Herman Kraft, Timber Lake, SD, and Rod Dewald, Jamestown, ND, demonstrating cross making.
Ron Vossler, East Grand Forks, MN, shares stories about the letters from Russia.
Sister Michaleen Jantzer, Jamestown, ND, demonstrates palm weaving. Observing are (left to right): Dina Laskowski Jusitn and Maria Lefevre Justin.
Raeann Neva, Harvey, ND, plays her accordion
Accordionists Jerry S., Jakob Zerr and Raeann Neva, Harvey, ND, perform for festival.
Ann Braaten, NDSU, Fargo, talking to Barbara Miller, Jamestown, ND.
Display of Germans from Russia Shawls from the Emily P. Reynolds Costume Collection, North Dakots State University Fargo.
James Valley Chapter Singers, Jamestown, ND, Germans from Russia Heritage Society.
Jeff Malm, Kulm, ND explains about his cross-making techniques.
Ann Bratten, NDSU, Fargo, ND, talks about German-Russian shawls.
Herman Kraft, Timber Lake, SD and Rod Dewald, Jamestown, ND, visit with Jeff Malm, Kulm, ND, about wrought-iron cross making.
Demonstrations about rag rug making
Large crowd listens to the music
Ron Vossler shares stories of German-Russian humor, school and work.
Jeff Malm, Kulm, ND and Herman Kraft, Timber Lake, SD, iron-cross makers.
Brother Placid Gross, Richardton, ND describes the life of the Germans from Russia.
Ronald Brost, Jamestown, ND, shares his German-Russian humor.
Betty Krueger Brosz, Jamestown, ND, acts a nurse in German-Russian skit.
Visitors viewing books and maps at the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection information tables.
Visitors viewing books and maps at the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection information tables.
Elizabeth Schauer Hanson, Jamestown, ND and Ann Braaten, NDSU, Fargo. Elizabeth displays complex hand woven shawl from her grandmother. She grew up near Ashley, ND. Her ancestral village is Neudorf, Glueckstal District, South Russia (today in Moldova).
Brother Placid Gross, Assumption Abbey, Richardton, ND (left) talks to Herman Kraft, Timber Lake, SD (right); background sitting is Jeff Malm, Kulm, ND. Kraft and Malm are wrought-iron cross makers.

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