Book Signing and Reception for Ruth Weil Kusler

Knife River Care Center
Beulah, North Dakota
Sunday, December 6, 1998

Ruth Weil Kusler, author of Tender Hands: Ruth's Story of Healing. Ruth celebrated her 91st birthday on January 9, 1999. Tillie Weil Miller, Ruth's sister, Irma Miller Sailer, and Ruth Weil Kusler, all of Beulah, ND.
Ruth with Peggy Sailer O'Neil, great-niece who assisted Ruth in writing the book, and Peggy's sons (l-r): Patrick and Ryan. Ruth with Peggy Sailer O'Neil, Beulah, and Michael M. Miller, Germans from Russia Bibliographer, NDSU Library, Fargo, ND.
Bernice Scheid, Beulah, greets Ruth with Randy Sailer, Beulah, standing behind. Ruth autographing her book in her room at Knife River Care Center, Beulah. Assisting her is great-niece, Peggy Sailer O'Neil.

Photographs courtesy of Peggy Sailer O'Neil, Beulah, North Dakota

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