Filming for the Germans from Russia Foodways Videotape Documentary
Prairie Public Television

Theresa Kuntz Bachmeier Making Cheese Buttons (Käse Knöpfla)
Rugby, North Dakota
September, 1999

Theresa, who is first generation Germans from Russia, was born at Blumenfeld, ND, on April 10, 1909. Her late husband was George Bachmeier. Theresa has nine children including seven daughters and two sons. She is the daughter of Engelbert Kuntz and Elizabeth Duchscherer. Engelebert was born at Elsass and Elizabeth at Mannheim, both of the Black Sea Kutschurgan Catholic villages, South Russia, today near Odessa, Ukraine.

Theresa carefully cutting the dough to be filled with cottage cheese mixture. Theresa evenly rolls the dough.
Theresa and her daughter, Betty Bachmeier Schneider, Selz, ND, cutting the dough. Theresa prepares the dough for the cheese buttons (Käse Knöpfla).
Theresa, Mary Ebach, and Betty placing the cottage cheese mixture in the cut dough which is then boiled for serving. Lunch with cheese buttons and sausage at the home of Theresa Kuntz Bachmeier with (left to right): Bob Dambach, Tapio Kube & Dave Geck, Prairie Public Television, Theresa, Mary Ebach, Rugby, Theresa Ebach O'Connell, Palos Heights, IL, and Betty Bachmeier Schneider.

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