Germans from Russia cooking at the home of Adam & Millie Doll Hauck

Near Richardton, North Dakota, June 22, 2001

Photographs by Michael M. Miller

Millie Doll Hauck preparing the dough for her apple strudels.
Diane Heidecker Hauck making Schmora.
Delphine Lindemann Senn, Alexandria, VA, (left); her sister, Arlene Lindemann Houghton, Bellevue, WA (center), and Millie Hauck prepare Schoop noodles.
(l-r): Millie Doll Hauck; Delphine Senn; Carmen Hauck Hoefs, Fargo; and Diane Hauck showing the baked apple strudel.
Display of the foods made at the Hauck home: pheasant paprikash soup, apple strudel, Grosse Panakuchen, creamed lettuce, Schmora, and Schoop noodles.
Guests at the Hauck home tasting the German-Russian foods.

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