Argentina and Brazil: South American Germans from Russia Documentary Project, February 2012

Visit in Parana, State of Entre Rios, Argentina with Volga German families.
6 February 2012

Photographs by Michael M. Miller

Photo Set 12:

Sergio Keiner, Bautista Fontana, and wife, Magdalena B. Roskompf, and Michael Miller.
Valentin Ruhl and Michael Miller.
Michael Miller, Oscar Arndt and granddaughter.
Michael Miller visiting with Jorge Schneider.
Sergio Keiner, Michael Miller, Clara (Eichhorn) Schneider and Jorge Schneider.
Michael Miller meeting with Carlos Rickert and his wife, Gabi Hasenauer, and family.
Benedicto Schmidt, born on 19 October 1935, performing with his harmonica.
Left to right: Michael Miller, Jorge Alberto Gareis Lechmann and Bob Dambach. Jorge Lechmann produces a Volga German weekly radio program for 21 years.
Left to right: Armando Reisenawer, Michael Miller, Sergio Keiner and Nestor Suarez in Crespo. Armando is a member of a group of Volga German folk singers.


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