Argentina and Brazil: South American Germans from Russia Documentary Project, February 2012

Visit to Mondai, State of Catarina, southern Brazil.
15 February 2012

Photographs by Michael M. Miller

Photo Set 18:

Mondai, well known for its fruit.
Mondai, well known for its fruit.
Lydia (Balmer) Lehrbach, born on 23 February 1921, holding photograph of her family.
Rufina (Kuntz) Mueller and Nicodemus Mueller, born in Krasna, Bessarabia, immigrating to Mondai in 1930.
Lydia (Balmer) Lehrbach and Anna (Balmer) Tarsch, who were born in Teplitz, Bessarabia, immigrating with their parents to Mondai in 1930.


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