Vi Kruckenberg Schielke Making Pfeffer Kraut Bohne Suppe and Knoepfla Dish

Beulah, North Dakota
August 23, 2002

Photographs by Michael M. Miller, Fargo, ND

Vi starts her Pfeffer Kraut Bohne Suppe (Bean Soup with Summer Savory). Vi with some of her garden tomatoes.
Vi starts her Knoepfla dough for her Knoepfla mit Wurst und Kartoffel (Dumplings with Sausage and Potatoes). Vi continues with her Knoepfla dish, doing small balls of dough and then hand rolling the dough into long strips.
Vi continues with the Knoepfla dough. Vi dishes up her finished Knoepfal mit Wurst und Kartoffel.

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