Filming for the Germans from Russia Foodways Videotape Documentary

Prairie Public Television

The Schmeckfest & the McPherson County Museum
Eureka, South Dakota
18 September 1999

Selma Job Lapp, Eureka, plays the ornate harmonium organ at the museum. Her parents are William and Bertha Opp Job. The Job family immigrated from Neudorf, while the Opp family came from the neighboring village of Glückstal, South Russia. Selma is the organist at Zion Lutheran Church, Eureka. The harmonium organ's original owner was Fred D. Opp, uncle of Edumund Opp, museum curator. Earl Mehlhaff, Eureka, plays a modern organ accordion while Selma Job Lapp performs at the organ harmonium (reed organ) with foot-treadle.
The traditional foods for the wedding are served including cold potato salad, smoked sausage, pickled watermelon and cucumber pickles, Halupsie (pigs in the blanket) and custard kuchen. James Harr and Cora Lee Teske, Aberdeen, SD, are married at the Pioneer Chapel during Schmeckfest. Cora is wearing historic clothing of her grandmother. Traditional wedding banquet foods are displayed on a white lace table.
German-Russian "red-eye" is served during the Schmeckfest at the Harr and Teske wedding. Laurie Haller Stickelmyer serves as chairperson of the Eureka Schmeckfest.
Lorelei Ladner Jacober, Leola, SD, adjusts weft selvedge threads for a new rag rug on the museum's jack loom. She was inspired by the folk textile heritage of Lillian Vogele, whose ancestral village was Hoffnungstal, Bessarabia. Lorelei purchased Lillian's loom, made in Beckendorf, Iowa. Wilbur Schnable, Eureka, husking corn. His parents are Otto and Ella Opp Schnable and his ancestral German village is Glückstal, South Russia.
Mervin Gab, Eureka, works with corn shelling. His parents are Joseph and Ann Stotz Gab and his ancestral German village is Glückstal, South Russia. Darlene Teske Neuharth, Eureka, teaching in the country school house. She is the daughter of Theodore and Lydia Rieker Teske and her ancestral German village is Neuberg, South Russia.
Jean Opp Bertsch, Bloomington, MN, churns thick cream in glass butter churn to make fresh butter. Her ancestral village is Glückstal, South Russia. Her parents are Calvin and Ella Fischer Opp. Schmeckfest Logo.

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