Schmeckfest Review

"Schmeckfest Review." Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter 8, no. 46, 17 November 2003.
If the words Fiegele, Pfeffernuesse Brot, Fleischkuchle, or Kaeseknoepfla mean anything to you, I suspect you will enjoy the Prairie Public Television Web site and video. "Schmeckfest" is the name for "Food Traditions of Germans from Russia."

Starting in 1784 in the southern Germanic provinces, many families moved overland and by water into Eastern Europe and on to the steppes of Russia. Even though they lived in Russia, most continued to speak German. Many families lived there peacefully for a century or so, until political upheaval forced many of them to leave. Many decided to try the New World. Most took train routes to German ports, then crossed the Atlantic to the United States.

The Germans from Russia settled in several states, especially in North and South Dakota. They brought their language, their traditions, and their recipes. The documentary "Schmeckfest: Food Traditions of the Germans from Russia" is a co-production of Prairie Public Television and the North Dakota State University Libraries. Additional funding for Schmeckfest was provided by North Dakota Humanities Council.

The "Schmeckfest: Food Traditions of the Germans from Russia" Web site shows examples of many foods, including Fiegele (Little Birds bread treat), Pfeffernuesse Brot (Pepper Spiced Bread), Fleischkuchle (Black Sea-style Meat Turnovers), Fleischkuchla (Volga-style Meat Turnovers), Grebbel (Fried pastry) and Knoepfla Supp (Dumpling Soup).

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