Strasburg Fall Church Supper

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Strasburg, North Dakota, October 7, 2001

Photographs by Michael M. Miller

Delores Wolf Miller and Imogene Schwahn Schwab preparing baked chicken.
Kettles boiling with potatoes for the mashed potatoes and homemade gravy.
Jill Hatzenbiller Bosch preparing the chicken.
Fresh homemade country style sausage made by Wagner's in Strasburg.
(l-r): Edna Welk Schwab and Marlene Gartner Tschosik checking the sausage.
(front to back): Jeanette Riedlinger Tschosik, Mary Kelsch Baumgartner, and Marlene Gartmer Tschosik cutting the sausage
Guests taking the chicken and sausage.
Guests at the annual church supper.

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