Photographs from the former Bessarabian and Black Sea German villages near Odessa, Ukraine - June 1996, May 1997

Dave Geck films in one of the former German villages, June, 1996.
Woman in the village of Krasnoe, Ukraine (Krasna, Bessarabia), May, 1997.
Judy Doll, Fargo and native of New Salem, ND, presents school supplies in her ancestral village of Landau, Beresan Enclave, June, 1996.
Tour members visit the new German resettlement project near the former German village of Peterstal, Liebental. With tape recorder is Ron Vossler, documentary scriptwriter; in white sweater is Cora Wolff Tschaekofske, Dickinson, ND, tour member in May, 1997 and May, 1998.
Milking in the pastures of the Beresan villages and near Speyer, June, 1996.
Woman going to market in the village of former German village of Glückstal today located in Moldova.
Dave Geck filming in the Bessarabian villages of women gathering hay, June, 1996.

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