Wedding Events at Hague, North Dakota

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Hague, North Dakota
September 9, 2004

Creation of a Germans from Russia wedding with filming by Prairie Public Television

Bridal party by the altar of St. Mary's Church: (left to right) Rosalind Vetsch Leier, Lee Ann Wald Jangula, Karen Wald Hulm, Cassie Gefroh (flower girl), Jody Wald Herauf (bride), Alan Bullinger (groom), Leonard Weichel and Isadore Gross. Background Mass servers Zachery Krumm, Cory Eberle and Father Leonard Eckroth. Bride and bridesmaids: (left to right) LeeAnn Wald Jangula, Rosalind Vetsch Leier, Jody Wald Herauf and Karen Wald Hulm.
(left to right): Bride Jody Wald Herauf exits the host card; driver is Darin Lee Wald standing by the driver's door. Flower girl Cassie Gefroh; bridesmaid Karen Wald Hulm; bride Jody Wald Herauf; by the 1958 Ford Retractable.
Invited guests gathered in front of St. Mary's Church. 1958 Ford Retractable driven by Darin Lee Wald; host auto for the bride and bridesmaids. Guests gather around at St. Mary's Church, "Cathedral of the Prairies", Hague, ND.
the bridal couple, Alan Bullinger and Jody Wald Herauf, on the porch of the home of Rocky and Cheryl Hulm Eberle, Hague, ND. Victor Schwahn plays the accordion; Lee Westad, videographer; Bob Dambach, director. Victor Schwahn plays the accordion; newly wed couple, Jody Wald Herauf and Alan Bullinger, on the porch of Rocky and Cheryl Hulm Eberle.

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