Wedding Events at Strasburg, North Dakota

The Blueroom, Strasburg, North Dakota
September 9, 2004

Creation of a Germans from Russia wedding with filming by Prairie Public Television

Photo Set 1

Parents with bridal couple: (left to right): Frances and Jack Bullinger; Felix and Kathryn Glatt Wald; Rosalind Vetsch Leier; Isadore Gross; LeeAnn Wald Jangula; Leonard Weichel; Karen Wald Hulm; Cassie Gefroh; Jody Wald Herauf; and Alan Bullinger. The Wald Family: (left to right): Jason Wald; Lee Ann Wald Jangula; Darin Lee Wald; Karen Wald Hulm; Felix and Kathryn Glatt Wald; Jody Wald Herauf; Carrie Wald Gefroh; Doug Gefroh; Eileen Hulm Wald; and Duane Wald.
Larry Schwab, formerly of the Bubbling Quintet and the Schwab Boys, Strasburg, ND, performs on the piano. Larry Schwab playing the piano.
The Marv Zander Band, Mandan, ND and accordionist Victor Schwahn, Bismarck, ND. Marv Zander and Victor Schwahn playing their accordions, both are of Germans from Russia ancestry.
The group of folk singers: (left to right) Isadore Gross; Wendelin Vetter; John Gross; Ann Wolf Wald; August Vetter; Delphine Vetter; Tony Wangler; and Ben Vetter. Group sings at Strasburg's Blueroom: (left to right): Wendelin Vetter; Tony Wangler; Delphine Vetter; Rita Unser Wangler; Isadore Gross; Kathryn Glatt Wald; Loretta Brown Vetter; Felix Wald; Ann Wolf Wald; Julius Vetter; Kasimer Wald; Carol Wangler Vetter and Ben Vetter playing the accordion; August Vetter; and John Gross.

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