Wedding Events at Strasburg, North Dakota

The Blueroom, Strasburg, North Dakota
September 9, 2004

Creation of a Germans from Russia wedding with filming by Prairie Public Television

Photo Set 2

Invited guests with the wedding family dancing to a waltz by the Marv Zander Band. (left to right front): Amidst the dancing couples is Margaret Wangler Wald, Kintyre, ND, and Felix Wald, Strasburg, ND; Chris and Ann Lesmeister Klein, Carrington, ND.
Front and center: Frances and Frances Wald Feist, Bismarck, ND; Marvin and Mary Ann Fiechtner joining everyone dancing the waltz. (left to right): Jason Wald, Bismarck; with Dave Geck, Lee Westad and Travis Jensen, videographers; and Bob Dambach, director, Prairie Public Television.
Traditional pickled watermelon and homemade fresh bread for the wedding. Helen Gefroh Fischer, the cook for the wedding event, preparing the traditional chicken noodle soup.
The homemade wedding kuchen served all day including the evening dinner. Noon lunch served at Strasburg's Blueroom: chicken noodle soup, country style smoked sausage, wedding kuchen, fresh bread and angel food cake for dessert.

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