Photographs from Germans from the City of
Odessa and the Black Sea Region Exhibit

To secure the complete exhibit catalog with many photographs, Deutsche aus Odessa und dem Schwarzmeergebiet, (1996) Click here.
Johannes Schmaltz and his family in front of their meat market in Strasburg (North Dakota), 1914. In the '80s of the past century the Schmaltz family emigrated from the village of Kandel, Kutschurgan district, to America. The town of Strasburg in North Dakota.
The family of Friedrich and Christine Baumann on their farm near the town of Java in South Dakota. In 1893, the couple came from the village of Hoffnungstal, gouvernement Cherson (today Zebrikowo, Odessa district), to America. The family of Sebastian and Franziska Schlosser in Emmons county, North Dakota, 1924. Sebastian Schlosser was born in 1877 in the village of Straßburg, Kutschurgan colonies. In 1901, he emigrated to the USA and settled in North Dakota. Several thousand Black Sea Germans are living here.
The firm of William Brown accepts the results of the harvest from Black Sea farmers. 1905. Here Black Sea Germans cultivate the prairie while confronted with similar adversities of nature as did their ancestors under most adverse conditions of the steppe of the Black Sea region around 1900.
The fall of the Iron Curtain has made it possible for Black Sea Germans from the USA and the Ukraine to meet again. In June, 1996, members of the Journey to the Homeland Tour sponsored by the North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, visited the Bavarian House in Odessa, Ukraine. There they viewed the Germans from Russia traveling exhibit prepared by the Bavarian House. Pictured here is a German-Russian woman and man speaking to Marvin Schaffer, Bella Vista, Arkansas and his daughter, Connie Schaffer Knight, Eagan, Minnesota. The Schaffers have ancestry to the Catholic Kutschurgan villages near Odessa. The German Russian Bishop, Joseph Werth, of Nowosibirsk looks after the largest diocese of the world in Siberia. In August, 1993, he visited the state of North Dakota.

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