Weddings at Hague, North Dakota

Photograph Archives, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection

Photographs courtesy of Adam Buechler and Sabina Frison, Hague, North Dakota

The Buechler and Frison immigrated from the Catholic Kutschurgan District villages of South Russia, today located near Odessa, Ukraine. The Kutschurgan District mother colonies are: Baden, Elsass, Kandel, Mannheim, Selz, and Strasburg.

Joseph Miller and Jennie Meier Miller wedding, 1918. John and Cecilia Brossart wedding, 1922.
Albinus and France Marquardt Frison wedding, November 24, 1913. Wendelin Dosch and Barbara Marquardt Dosch wedding, February 16, 1920, Brother's Photo, Aberdeen, SD.

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