In Memoriam

Dr. Armand Bauer of Bismarck, North Dakota

Holland, Nancy B. "In Memoriam." Newsletter, no. 95: 18, Winter 1999.

A pioneer in the preservation of the genealogy and history of the Germans from Russia, Dr. Armand Bauer left this life on 12 December 1999. While serving as professor of agronomy at North Dakota State University and research scientist at the Great Plains Research Center, Dr. Bauer dedicated much of his extra-curricular energies to translating, reviewing, and editing materials which appeared in the Workpaper of The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia and in Heritage Review, published by the German-Russian Heritage Society. A charter member of both organizations, he had served on the Board of Directors of AHSGR and had been a member of the Executive Committee of GRHS. He had recently been appointed to a special coordinating committee to explore enhanced cooperation between the two organizations.

Dr. Bauer will perhaps best be remembered as co-translator with Professor La Vern J. Rippley of Richard Sallet's classic Königsberg University thesis, Russian-German Settlements in United States, published in 1974, and with his wife Elaine, of Experiences From My Missionary Life In The Dakotas, the recollections of the Reverend Peter Bauer who immigrated to the United States from Worms, Russia to serve German-Russian congregations in Colorado and the Dakotas.

A descendant of Crimean Germans, Dr. Bauer was born on 29 November 1924 in McIntosh County, North Dakota to Edward and Maria Bauer. Raised on a farm near Zeeland, he learned German dialect as his first language. His ancestors--Bauers, Hafners, Walzes, and Ellweins--stem from the Black Sea villages of Herzenberg, Neu Hoffnung, Heilbrunn, and Zurichtal. His grandfather, Christian Bauer, who emigrated in 1884, was among the first Germans from Russia to settle in North Dakota.

Dr. Bauer earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from North Dakota State University and his doctorate in soil science from Colorado State University. He served in the U.S. Naval Reserve. A choir member and elder of the Lutheran Church, Dr. Bauer is survived by is wife, Elaine Levi Bauer; three daughters, Candice (Mrs. John) Cox, Debra (Mrs. Dave Friend), Sydney (Mrs. Gary) Evans; one son Andrew; three sisters, Alma Levi, Laura Jund, and Zirene Boschee; two brothers, Wilfred and Robert; and three grandchildren, Samuel and Cody Jordan, and Margaret Bauer. Funeral services were held at Zion Lutheran Church in Bismarck with burial in the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery near Mandan.

Reprinted with permission of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia.

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