Photos of Dr. George K. Epp

George Epp was a Chemistry Lab Technician at the University of Manitoba at Winnipeg in the 1960s.
George Epp standing in front of a former Mennonite home in Yazykovo (Nikolaipol), Ukraine, 1991. George Epp with tour group in Ukraine, 1991.
George Epp (right) and the members of his seminar for Hutterite teachers held at Menno Simons College, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1994. George Epp (left) with tour members visiting the former Mennonite village of Chortiza, Ukraine in 1991. On the right is Dr. Epp's son, Werner.
Photo taken 1995/1996 Photo taken 1988

Photographs are courtesy of the Epp family, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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