Electronic mail message, January 28, 1998

Arthur E. Flegel, Menlo Park, California

"It was a shock and index saddening to learn of the death of Professor Arnold Marzolf via e-mail this morning. I had known of him, but did not become closely acquainted with him until 1989 when we discussed his Marzolf ancestry of which he had very limited knowledge.

During our research trips in 1969 and 1972, I had photocopied numerous records at Steinseltz in the French Alsace from where some of my maternal ancestors had emigrated for Russia in 1809. this included the marriage document of Georg Marzolph with Anna maria Haussauer. She was a sister of my great-great grandmother, Magdalena Haussauer, wife of Johann Conrad Beierle. According to Dr. Karl Stumpp's Emigration Book, the two couples joined a caravan which left Frankfurt a/M in April, 1809 and arrived in Russia in July. Arnold's people were settled at Neudorf in the Glückstal Enclave and mine at Rohrbach in the Beresan Enclave.

Arnold was most eager to see my translated copy of the very comprehensive marriage document relating to his ancestors. Combining his limited data with Stumpp's records, I was able to create genealogical charts for him with determined that we were indeed 4th cousins and that our ancestors had migrated to Russia together. This was thrilling knowledge for him for which he was truly grateful and I was equally pleased to have found another remarkable relative.

Yes, it is certainly true that he has left a meaningful legacy for all of us who share in this unique Germans from Russia heritage and it worthy of our most sincere tributes.

I would very much appreciate your help to enable my getting in touch with his daughter and nephew as well as any other of his relatives who may be interested in learning about Arnolds's remarkable genealogical background."


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