Photographs of Antonina Wasili (Welk) Iwanowa

Limanskoje near Odessa, Ukraine
Former Catholic German village of Selz, Kutschurgan Enclave, South Russia

Antonina Welk Iwanowa and the Most Reverend Joseph Werth, Bishop of Siberia, Russia (Novosibirsk) saying prayers at the former Selz cemetery in May, 1996. Selz is today Limanskoje.
Antonina blessing the gravesite of her sister at the Selz cemetery in May, 1996.
Brother Placid Gross, Assumption Abbey, Richardton, North Dakota and Antonina, Limanskoje, Ukraine, May, 1996.
Lunch at the home of Antonina with Journey to the Homeland Tour members: (left to right) - Cindy Mitzel Longtin, Loretta Mitzel Huschka, Antonina, Stuart Longtin and Al Voeller, Limanskoje, May, 1998.
Antonina assists Mary Lou Leintz Bueling (left) and Loretta Mitzel Huschka (right) and Al Voeller to locate on Selz map former German houses, Limanskoje, May, 1998.
Antonina and Michael M. Miller stand in the former Catholic Church of the Assumption, Selz, Ukraine. Antonina was baptized and confirmed in this church built in 1901 and a Basilica. The church was modeled after the Cathedral in Salzburg, Austria. June, 1994.

The following photographs were taken by Stuart and Cindy Mitzel Longtin, Fargo, North Dakota, at Limanskoje near Odessa, Ukraine (former German Catholic village of Selz, Kutschurgan Enclave), May, 1998.
The Welk Cousins - back (l-r): Loretta Mitzel Huschka, Cindy Mitzel Longtin, Stuart Longtin and Mary Lou Mitzel Roller; front (l-r): Lidia Iwanowa Karasyova, Antonina's daughter, granddaughter Natalia, and Antonina Welk Iwanowa.
Antonina standing in front of the root cellar which is all that is left of her parent's property of Anton and Lidia Welk.
Antonina at her sister's gravesite in Limanskoje, Ukraine and standing (l-r): Al Voeller, Mary Lou Mitzel Roller and Loretta Mitzel Huschka.
Antonina at her home in Limanskoje holding the crucifix from her cousin, Father Thomas Welk, Wichita, Kansas, Emmons County, ND native. Seated to the left is Stuart Longtin.
Antonina explaining in excellent Swabish German dialect: "Ya - I tell you about Father Thomas Welk's German."
Photograph at the gravesite of Antonia (June, 2000) Selz, Ukraine. Antonia was born in 1920 and she died in 1998.
Photographs at the gravesite of Antonia (June, 2000) Selz, Ukraine. (l-r): Louisa Rissling, Lydia, Antonia's daughter, and Michael M. Miller.

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