Electronic mail message, January 28, 1998

Professor Timothy J. Kloberdanz
Department of Anthropology and Sociology
North Dakota State University, Fargo

"Last night I was informed that Professor Arnold H. Marzolf passed away. A daughter and a nephew of Professor Marzolf's both called to let me know the sad news.

Professor Marzolf died Monday here in Fargo at the age of 81. His funeral will be at 10:30 on Friday, Jan. 30, at Plymouth Congregational Church (Fargo).

As many of know, Professor Marzolf was one of the best-known writers and poets among our German-Russian people here in North America. He authored a number of books, including Prairie Poems, Parson to Parson, Let's Talk German-Russian, That's the Way It Once Was: Black Sea Germans from Russia Experiences, and others.

He also lectured at the GRHS and AHSGR Conventions, as well as at many chapter meetings and other events. Professor Marzolf always was ready and willing to share his knowledge, talent, and expertise. He liked to quote an old folk expression of the Germans from Russia: "Mer wuessa wer mer sin" (We know who we are). And he certainly did his part to help us all better know and understand who we are.

If you are not aware of Professor Marzolf's published works, most all of them are available from GRHS in Bismarck. Call 701-223-6167 for more information.

Professor Marzolf truly was one of our distinguished German-Russian "elders" who had actually lived the traditional life that he wrote about so eloquently. His legacy is an impressive one.

As a colleague, poet, writer, teacher, and personal friend, Professor Arnold H. Marzolf will be missed by many."

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