Malvin Miller Photographs

Photographs and text prepared by Bernice M. Scheid, Beulah, North Dakota

On behalf of our Local Chapter and our Personal Memories we have of Malvin, I would like to present some memories and pictures, in honor of Malvin Miller. He is truly missed!

Mal Miller was a Board Member of the Die Deutsche Stammhatter Chapter. I, Berniece M. Scheid, was on a Nominating Committee. I called Malvin and asked him if he would consider to be a candidate and he said No! He thought about it then called me back, then he said I’ve been out awhile so I’ll run again. I don’t remember what year that was, but he’s been on the GRHS Local Board ever since.

Back: Delores Chase, Hilda Backfish, Leona Brecht and Leona Weil.
Front: Malvin Miller, Wilbert Harsch and Reuben Scheid.
In Memory of Malvin Miller
Die Deutsche Stammhalter Chapter G.R.H.S Board of Directors, September 2006.

Reuben C. Scheid and Malvin Miller were ushers at an Advent Service on Dec. 8, 1996.

Mal Miller was a jolly good feller indeed!
Malvin Miller taken Apr. 17, 2005 at a get together at Hazen, ND.

To the left is Malvin Miller at the Mercer County Fair Parade in a Convertible driven and owned by Wilbert & Louise Harsch. They live in Pick City, North Dakota. Picture was taken at Beulah, North Dakota, June 25, 2005.

Reuben C. Scheid and Malvin Miller hold the Grand Prize that was given at the June 2007 Music Fest at Beluah, ND.

This blanket was won by Berniece M. Scheid.
Notice picture below she is holding that blanket she won.
She said WOWEE! That’s what I wanted!

This was taken at the June 7, 2008 Music Fest in Beulah, North Dakota. A cake baking skit was given by Bruce Winkler Hazen, ND & Albert Boeckel of New Rockford, ND. A funny skit! A good cake was given to Mal Miller of Golden Valley, ND. This was a surprise to Mal getting the cake!

To the right is Malvin Miller presenting a cookbook to Savannah Winkler.
This was the last Music Fest Malvin got to attend.
She is proud of what she got from Mal.


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