27 May 2000

Electronic mail message from Carol Just Byhre, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Dear Michael,

The Marie Rudel Portner endowment is a wonderful tribute to your many years of dedicated service to the German-Russian community worldwide.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection at the NDSU Libraries, the Germans from Russia listservs based at the NDSU computer center, the GRHC webpages, publishing projects of new and valuable research, traveling exhibits, Journey to the Homeland Tours, and, of course, the award-winning television documentaries, "Children of the Steppe" and "Schmeckfest" are all examples of your vision and would not have happened without your diligence and ability to match talent with tasks.

Wisely Mrs. Rudel-Portner chose to match her financial gift with your creative gift and the rest of us will benefit.

Please know how much your friends and colleagues appreciate Mrs. Portner's generosity and your dedication to the Germans from Russia Community.

Wishing you and the year 2000 "Journey to the Homeland" tour members a safe and successful trip.

Carol Just Byhre

27 May 2000

To: Carol Just Byhre, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Dear Carol,

Thanks so much for sharing this thoughtful message, Carol. The Marie Rudel Portner Day at the NDSU Library on Friday, 26 May was truly a rewarding and lifetime experience. The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection at the NDSU Libraries has received a tremendous gift from a wonderful person. I shall treasure my visits, interviews, and colleagueship with Marie when visiting Las Vegas.

When I leave for Stuttgart, Germany, and Odessa, Ukraine, on 31 May, I will take me something special in memory of Marie Rudel Portner and her parents, Simon & Dorothea Weber Rudel. When we go to the former Bessarabian German villages (today near Odessa, Ukraine) where the Rudels and Webers once lived we will bring a little North Dakota soil. When one stands in the fields of these villages it is like looking out on Wells County where Marie was born.

Thank you for your many favors on behalf of the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection with our Oral Interview Project and our outreach programs in the Twin Cities. It is our partnerships with colleagues and friends throughout North America who shares in our mission for GRHC.

With Fargo and NDSU regards,


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