Photographs of Marie Trupp Krieger

Combine with 16 horse and mules
Marie Trupp 1941
Walter and Marie Krieger Wedding

Back row left to right: Marie Kissler, Mable Schafer, Rachel Kissler, Lydia Schafer, Katie Frick, Frieda Iltz (Ills), Henry Kiehn, David Frick, Solomon Hahn

Middle row left to right: Samuel Iltz (Ills), Edward Kiehn, Katheryn Martin, Henry Schmidt, Marie Schmidt, Lydia Walter, Henry Trupp, Esther Trupp, Alexander Hahn

Front row: Adam Walter, Lydia Kissler, Marie Trupp, Martha Schmidt, Marie Kiehn, Ruben Scheller, Jacob Trupp

Emaus Congregational Church organized in 1904- Rev. Graedel
It was located about 14 miles southwest of Odessa, Washington.  It was organized in 1904 as a Congregational church by Rev. G. Graedel in 1904 which he served until 1916.  He is on the far left in this picture.  Rev. J. C. Schwabenland stands no. 11 from left to right.  This was a conference (a gathering of ministers).  Rev. J. C. Schwabenland served the Pilgrim church in Odessa, Washington from 1901-1905 and again from 1933-1938.  Notice the horses and buggies in the early 1900’s.  This was the home church of the Henry Trupp Jr. family who lived about two miles away on a farm.  The building is on the Lincoln and Adams county line, northwest corner of the two counties.

Married at the bride and groom’s home- 7533 N Chatham, Portland, Oregon 1941

Left to right: Sylvia Bartalaway (married name Finck- friend of bride), Helen Trupp Abel (sister of bride), Walter C. Krieger (groom), Marie Trupp Krieger (bride), Carl Abel (brother-in-law of bride)

Walter & Marie Krieger wedding- October 25, 1941- 7533 N Chatham, Portland, Oregon

Left to right: Conrad Krieger (father of groom), Amelia Krieger Taug (sister of groom), Margaret Krieger (mother of groom), Rachel Krieger Espey (sister of groom); Walter C. Krieger (groom), Marie Trupp Krieger (bride), Jacob Trupp (brother of bride), Marie Dorothea Trupp (mother of bride), Fred Trupp (brother of bride), Henry Trupp (father of bride), John H. Krieger (brother of groom)

Wheat Wagon
Marie Trupp College Graduation


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